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PostSubject: Press Confrence With Tre Kelly   Thu 17 Dec 2009, 5:57 am

Reporter : Coach Kelly this is your first big challenge since you have take over the team. How are your preparing for it.

Kelly: We are sticking with the same routine we have had for the past 2 weeks. Which is watching film and learning about our opponents inside and out and coming up with a good game plan.

Reporter: Purdue has a strong passing attack. And your secondary has struggled at times. How will you contest with them?

Kelly: Yeah Purdue does have a good passing game. Joey Elliott is a great QB. We are going to have to keep pressure on him. We don’t want him to be able to get comfortable at all. Also WR Aaron Valentin is not playing so that’s helps us a lot.

Reporter: QB Juice Williams has risen from the dead. Are you happy with his performance and how will he help you to win.

Kelly: Juice is a great kid. He just needed some guidance. He is starting to put in a lot of extra work around here and I see nothing but good things from him in the future. We will need him to go out and play mistake free ball. He is getting better at his decision making and accuracy. Im sure that he will play a good game.

Reporter: What will the outcome of the game be?

Kelly: Wow you guys just putting me on the spot huh? Well we plan to go out and play solid Defense and capitalize on every offensive chance we get. If everything goes as plan I see us bringing home a Victory.
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PostSubject: Coach Kelly Interview on Florida.   Tue 22 Dec 2009, 4:53 am

Reporter: Coach Kelly this is the game your team has been waiting for. How have you prepared for this game?

Kelly: We have been preparing for Florida every week. We have studied their film over and over again. My guys are ready to win this game.

Reporter: Coach you are going into the Swamp to play the Florida Gators what makes you think you stand a chance? Your team is ranked 20th, you don’t have a strong QB, your defense is questionable at times against the pass. What is your plan?

Kelly: Well I see your not going for us in this game. Well your right, we are going to The Swamp. Most teams that go in come out with a defeat. My boys are prepared to go to war on Saturday. We know what we have to do to win this game. We have to lay the first punch. We have to dominate on defense. I think our defense should be rank #1. We might give up a few yards here and there but we keep teams out of the end zones. And at the end of the day that’s where it all matters on the scoreboard. Oh and by the way our defense is rank 7th in a nation.

Reporter: Juice Williams was injured in the last game and did not play the last 3 quarters. Will he play in this game.

Kelly: Juice is ready to play we have carefully monitored his arm this week and he said he was fine and was ready to go. He looked fine with all of the passes he threw in practice. And his final revaluation went good so he’s ready to play.

Reporter: How do you plan to stop Tim Tebow

Kelly: Tebow is a great player who knows college football in and out. He can adjust to anything. We plan to keep good pressure on him. He’s not going to know who’s coming. You might even see some of my CB’s with sacks. I don’t want to sound cocky or anything but im not worried about their run game. My boys have stopped some of the top rushers this year and I think this game will be no different. Their gonna have to beat us in the air. That’s if they can get a pass off.

Reporter: Coach you sound really confident in your team.

Kelly: I am They have done everything I have asked of them and they never let me down so far. I see all of our leaders stepping up and playing a great game.

Reporter: Offensively, What is your plan against this good defense.

Kelly: Well we gonna do what we do every week. Pound the ball and look for cracks in the Defense. I also think that our WR’s match up really well with their secondary. So we are going to put them to the test as well.

Reporter: Speedster WR Jarred Fayson is probable for this week so will he be used in the game plan?

Kelly: Well Jarred partially tore his PCL and he only played in the first quarter of the first game so he has been out of the loop for awhile. He has practiced with the team this week but we don’t want to throw him out there so fast. We will work him in some of our packages but you want see a lot of action from him on Saturday.

Reporter: Coach in your first interview earlier this year you said that your team will beat UF. Are you standing by your comment.

Kelly: For sure I am. I stand by anything that come out my mouth. Its going to be a good game and we are ready to shock the world.
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