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 Our Official OD Rules

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PostSubject: Our Official OD Rules   Tue 17 Nov 2009, 11:23 pm

I'm sure I'll continue to add things I forgot or things that get mentioned or brought up. There will be a hard copy shortly after the first season begins.

What I'm trying to accomplish is set-up an online dynasty that will continue on until the bugs are worked out of NCAA11 when it comes out next spring. This will be a NO CHEESE DYNASTY that will frown upon first-time offenders - excessively running out of pocket to get better passing lanes, using run-commit options IN USER GAMES (completely allowed in offline CPU games or against friends who agree to both use) basically anything that's considered cheap, a money play or doesn't emulate the real, true to life college experience.

I've seen the many different slider combinations dynasties use and I'd like to think I'm between a mediocre to good player and I've found the best way to handle sliders are using Heisman settings that will challenge you during CPU games (especially against ranked or good opponents) and give the user games (because they don't run on sliders just use default Heisman settings) more of a college feel with an average of 20-50 points per game depending on users strategy, stick skills and overall knowledge of the game. I'll post the sliders I'm planning on using in the reply.

I've been in "favourite team OD's" and don't get me wrong - some are good at making them fun and interactive I'm sure but the most fun I've had in this OD is taking an average-to-good school and making them a top competitor. It's not like I don't want users to be in the top 25, in fact I'm hoping by the years end enough users are in the top 10 to make the NC an interesting picture. I just want and find the best way to play OD is making it so that you must earn the extra credibility as a coach, must earn that 10-win season that gives you another team prestige star, it gives the game something to work for. Trust me, in a former OD I took an average 4 star school and my first year of recruiting was sorta rough. Nearly no 5*'s were interested in my school and I had to have a good season... I won 9 games and then the next year I was a 5* and had one of the OD's best recruiting classes. As for teams you can chose, I'd like to use the top 6 (IMO) football conferences in the NCAA. Each conference having two users represent it so there's an instant user game and a battle for your specific conference championship. The conferences used will be - ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, Pac 10 and SEC.

To emulate the real-life college football system I'd like to keep the schedules as real as possible, however I will include (on top of your conference opponent) two user games in the first 5 weeks (often the easiest time to fit non-conf user games) unless later in the schedule will fit. It's nealry impossible to give every user an identical schedule so I hope the experienced OD players will recognize and appreciate that. I will do my best with the rules we all agree on and will be MORE than happy to take reccomendations for this and every other facet of the OD.

Average to great users that will obide by the rules, compete, be active on our seperate OD forums and post re-caps of your games. I don't expect detailed descriptions but to make the dynasty fun I will encourage coaches to "talk trash" in a roleplay style format that if so happens to insult another team ro coach, does it in a form that will insult the "fantasy coach character" in the OD.

In terms of users, if you're the type of player that thinks this OD is for you and have some friends you play or have played with - by all means reccomend them or give me their contact info and I'LL try to recruit them in. I want to make a solid mini-community that's down for a good, competitive OD. I've got quite a few friends who I'm sure will be interested in competeing once I tell them the style of OD I'm running so I reccomend you to do the same if you know some people!

I'd like to be able to advance as soon as possible. I won't put a hard deadline down because I don't want to make users upset if I'm waiting for a user game to finish that will impact the entire OD or a dedicated user who has posted on the forums that he will need some extra time. I don't want to be a Nazi about this but I will have no problem finding replacements for users who don't obide the rules or make an attempt to at least inform the rest of the OD if they will need some extra time. Activity on our forums will be neccesary to keep this OD alive and running.
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Our Official OD Rules
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