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 Advancing Times/ Sim List

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PostSubject: Advancing Times/ Sim List   Sun 06 Dec 2009, 2:17 am

Hey macc i know you advanced the week and simmed 2 peoples games. In wisecav defense he did say he would play late tonight. War eagle said nothing but i think we should start a list for the people that we are consistently waiting on i think this is wisecavs first offense but not war eagle i kno we have waited on him before i kno it was an emergency but thats even more of a reason y he should try not to hold it up(just an example war not dissin u ma dude). That way when u sim a game u have evidence of how many times they were last to play. So u should set a time lets say 48 hrs and if u are the last to play after that then u go on the list.. and maybe there is some kind of incentive to not being on the list. Like a home user game or some extra recuits or something.. ne how just and idea.. Lemme kno what u think..

p.s Notice i Put my post in the right category...lmfao damn nazi forum admin.. santa
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PostSubject: Re: Advancing Times/ Sim List   Sun 06 Dec 2009, 6:42 am

Honestly I don't want to make it 48. I'm happy with the ammount people who get their games in ASAP have been advancing. There was two users who have held up the advance for the past couple weeks and they're the same two people so I simmed to ensure they'll get their games in ASAP or let us know. And in my defence, Cav said he would get his game in YESTERDAY at night or first thing this morning. Uhh I'm eastern and it was 2:00PM and still nothing so I took it upon myself to advance. This shuffling and having to reboot the OD is slowing it down and I just want some quick advances to get caught up because it's getting boring and stale playing the same games. If we've got to shorten the heard because of the advances I'm sorry but we've got 8 guys who are advancing within 24 hours so I'm going to keep it going at the pace they've set. You being one of the dedicated guys who plays ASAP and makes time to play ASAP. I understand if people are busy and need extra time and I'm sorry but this is the pace in which I want to advance so if this OD is something you'd like to be in - you'll play at that pace or taking a sim won't bother you if you've been online since the advance and hadn't got your game in.
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Advancing Times/ Sim List
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