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 The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play

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PostSubject: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   Wed 09 Dec 2009, 11:03 am

Breaking News The Search for the next Pittsburgh head coach is over, after many moons of searching the panthers beilve they found there man...... Coach Brady Petersen Formerly the offensive cordinator at Georgia Tech. Lookss to bring the panthers bak to the glory days of Tony Dorset, Mike Ditka, Mark May, and Dan Marino. We bring you live to the announcing press conference.
AD Everyone as you all may now know ive hired the best man for the job Brady Petersen
Reporter What made you want to hire coach Petersen?
AD Well its very simple I LOVE the offense he runs every place that runs it porperly wins Georgia Tech, Navy, and Air Force alwasy seem to consistently make bowls. I also really like the 3-4 D he plans to bring in.
Reporter Hey coach How long till yall are in the top 5?
Coach Petersenwell its hard predict because you never know what might happen but if every thing runs as planed we will reach the top 5 in the near future.
ReporterWhos is the starting QB?
Coach Petersen Hey man im knew here i barely know anything about these kids im looking for speed but mainly toughness whos gonna ram into a line backer on 4th and 1 thats what im looking for and who ever it is MUST not turn the ball over in any circumstances
ReporterWhat are you looking for in recruiting this year?
Coach Petersen As far as skill goes im going to recruit the very best availble you cant be the best unless the best is on your team.
ReporterCoach What do you think about that last second ssuffle in the schedule that has you up against GT in week 9?
Coach Petersen OOO man its gonna be a good one the moment i got hear i wanted to play them just to show that that old man cant cach worth a crap. It will be extremly fun to lay the law down against those boys.
ReporterT=You coached there last year does that give you any advantage.
Coach Petersen Not really they know me to they know what plays i call. but the one thing i do know if i know there players weaknesses, but hey its not like i need any extra advantages against them.
Hey guys i got to run i look forward to all the conferences we will have the year
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PostSubject: Re: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   Thu 10 Dec 2009, 11:02 am


Coach Petersen
hey as you all may know we had a bye game this week, no fun i know but it was key. It gave our boys an extra week to prepare for the first game and it just ,might be the deciding factor in the game. im pretty tired tonight after a long day of practice then making important recruiting calls. any questions?

Reporter YOu play home against in state rival Penn State how will you guys fare against them.
Coach Petersen well its gonna be a tough game Daryl Clark is a pre season heisman canidate and i understand why hes fast and has a tremendous arm. It will be tough to stop his deadly combo.

Reporter If you win would you consider it an upset.
Coach Petersen Well if your reffering to when we win yes its an upset \. you are an underdog when the other team is ranked better than you its pretty simple.

Reporter Coach You said When we win. you seem to have alot of confidence.
Coach Petersen yes i do if you think your gonna loose you will loose this isnt hard guys. im here to win that is my job, and if i dont belive i can win then i wont be doing my job now would I?

Reporter how is the recruiting going?
Coach PEtersen hey bud i got a terrific idea how bout you go to Panther all the info you need is posted by me on the website, so ask a question that you cant find o n the internet please.

Reporter how many do you think you will rush for next week?
Coach Petersen well our speed mathces up good against penn state we can easily out run any team in the big 10 that conferance is a real joke.

Reporter coach whats with your attitude?
Coach Petersen hey guys im real sorry for my attitude im just tired and really trying to focus onthe nitnay lions

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PostSubject: Re: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   Fri 11 Dec 2009, 10:17 am

Coach Petersen Whew! what a win, let me be the first to say that that victory will be the first of many here at PItt

Reporter Great Winn coach, Would you mind telling me why your soaked in water and gatorade.
Coach Petersen Haha good question, well the boys du,ped the whole jug of gatorade on me because not only was it an upset but also my first win.

Reporter hey coach do you feel the out come would have been differnt if you played at penn state.
Coach Petersen[/color Nope not at all we flat out dominated them today on both sides of the ball and it clearly showed. Our crowd is great they must have lots of fun going to our games then steelers games.

what is the latest on the injury to Kolby Gray?
Coach Petersen ya know it was one of those back issues you cant be to careful about we decided to sit him out the whole game but he will start next week.

Reporter Does the fantastic play of berry cause a qb situation?
Coach Petersen nope absolutley not, berry is the guy we dont want to play at qb but if we have to we will just because hes so valuble to us as a dfensive back. But hey guys im handing over to Dion Lewis, Chris Burns and Aaron Berry see yall next week.

Reporter Chris hey man you played awesome but you only had 4 carries with a nice average of 25 yards. does this upset you.
Chris Burns No man not at all looks Dion is the number one guy they use him to set up plays for me and im fine with that i just want to win.

Reporter Hey Arron were you suprised with having to play? and how much expirience do you have there?
Arron Berry i wasnt suprised. you always have to be ready ive been the back up here since day one Coach P got here. and as to expirience i player QB in high School under the exact offense actually i was recruited to navy as a QB

Reporter Hey dion you are only a freshmen did u expect to come in here and start and to even have a big impact on the game like you did today?
Dion Lewis Well not at first i wasnt highly recruited only two offers one from FIU and one from Pitt. right when coach P got here he took all the backs and told us the number 1 and 2 jobs are wide open for anyone to win. HE pulled me aside and told me i had great potintial and if i worked i could become starter and all through offseason i worked my tail of to get here and me and Chris proved to the coaches we deserved to start and so far it was a good choice with 6 td's combined beween us.

Reporter DIon if gray comes back healthy he had two rushes for 50 yards and you and Chris had over 200 yards combine with 6 tds could we possibly be seeing a 3 headed monster coming from this team.
Dion Lewis well yeah i think so but if Gray is still hurt Arron can come in and rush for 100+ like he did today, and dont forget about Hynoski hes a bruiser that had a countless number of 3rd and 1s let me tell you. we might have a 4 headed monster that could sweep the nation. im just saying folks, you heard it hear first king
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PostSubject: week three interview   Sat 12 Dec 2009, 9:48 am

week three interview

Coach Petersen hey guys im ready for you to attack me with whatever questions you might have
Reporter What did you make of that second half?
Coach Petersen Honestly? really? it was absolutley horrible. we should have lost that game we got dominated in the second half like ive never seen before.
Reporter was there something navy did differnt?
Coach petersen they are who we thaught they were!

reporter coach settle down you won 56-7
Coach petersen yeah but it should have been 90-0!!!!!!

Reporter seriously any team would take a 56-7 win?
Coach Petersen obviously you do not know me im here to win! if we play like that aginst someone like west va or cincy well get embarresd. We dont have discipline, we get a big leaad and stop cause our faat little girlfriends think that winning in the 1st quarter is god enough!! o boy ill give them discipline!

Reporter how do you plan to give them disipline?
coach petersenrun, run, run , run, then run at 5 am were getting up and im running the asses, until we get discipline!!!!

Reporterwhat did you take of your two running backs and you quarterback/
coach Petersen did you just not hear me? they played good in the first half then their fat little girlfriends said it was good enough and they quite!!!!

Reporter calm down coach!! gosh! goodybe

have a good week
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PostSubject: Re: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   Sun 13 Dec 2009, 4:13 am

hey guys a few questions because i have to get back to reruiting the best in the nation.

ReporterCoach Have you calmed down after your teams play last week?
Coach Petersen im Still disapointed but i think the guys got the messege loud and clear that the way we played is unacceptable.

Reporter Lououisville is having a down year and your having an upyear how many do you expect to score
Coach Petersen ill bw hapy with 60+ nothing less

Reporter 60 seems like alot coahc?
Coach Petersen yeah its alot but if we are gonna make a statement to the college football world that we are the best

Reporter what do you makeur your commitment from Albert Williams
Coach petersen Albert is a great player we are going to use him in alot of differnt ways, he gives our offense yet another dimension, another play maker, and that gives us more wins points, more yards, NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. ok here dion.

Reporter hey dion since you guys only play 11 games does this count you out of the heismen are you mad?
Dion Lewis ahh i would only be mad if it forces us out of a bcs or out of a national championship, i would rather have those than a heismen, and im only a freshmen ill have plenty of time to win it.

Reporter what is the key to yalls recent offensive explosion?
Dion Lewis we have just so many players that can make plays and a tremendous line, its hard for defences because if you key me, chris will beat you, if you key chris kolby will beat you, we have so many players. thats all i have to go study peace
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PostSubject: Re: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   Wed 16 Dec 2009, 10:59 am

Hey guys Thats Dion Lewis is an amzing kid illl let yall talk to him later in the conference but ill take any questions.

Reporter Hey coach yall havent scored below 49 points this year what is the reason for this?

Coach Petersen: Well look the triple o is the best offense ever made, but hey look we have only played one team that has a winning record but we must prove ourselves alot more before we start to call our offense dominatn.

Reporter Well the last weeks what have been your concerns if any?
Coach Petersen Well obviously defense Louisville had a 100 yard rusher against us and so did Uconn, no disrespect but those teams are rebuilding and when we play gt that has to stop thell tear us up.

Reporter What the heck is up withKolby Gray does he get minor injuries every game,
Coach Petersen The toughest position to play is QB nd it is 100X as hard when youre a freshmen, he just needs to pack some weight so he can absorb all the big hits he takes. But look yall dont understand this guy is a bruiser he has 8 nroken tackles and he carries the ball ten time a game, i doubt any of yall could do that without any scrathes

Reporter Coach Hows recruiting coming now?
Coach Petersen we are on a cold streak but we are really close to get alot of top recruits. thnk you heres Dion Lewis.

ReporterDion you made the heiman watch list last week and had a great gme today what would winning the heiman men to you?\
Dion Lewis Well it would mean the world to me, but nothing could come close to winning he National Championship and claiming your selves as the best in the world.

ReporterYour only a freshmen how have you had all this sucsees?
Dion Lewis Well this ofense Coach P brang in sets up nicely for the run game and im pretty good also.

Reporter How does rutgers defense look?
Dion Lewis oo boy they are soft well tear them up alright see ya
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PostSubject: Re: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   Wed 16 Dec 2009, 1:20 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   Thu 17 Dec 2009, 1:39 pm

Reporter Hey coach Good yall rolled today did you team get the messege after last weeks close win?
Coach Petersen Well i chewed them out pretty good and the responded

Reporter are ready for Georgia Tech next week?
Coach Petersen I was born for this game this is the one i want to win the most.

Reporter explain your relationship with coach Johnson.
Coach Petersen well i love the man to death and i regret the way things ended between us but the game saturday is going to be fun and a great one if you like running the ball you better come.

Reporterwhats a scret your gonna use againts coch Johnson saturday.
Coach Petersen well hmm if i told you now it wouldnt be a secret. but ill have some tricks.

Coach Petersen hey im sorry i have to go. this is the biggest game of the year so far and has national championship implications ll give you a big press conference after we win
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PostSubject: Re: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   Sat 19 Dec 2009, 1:31 am

hey guys im here to talk so shoot.

Reporter where the smack talk after the loss

Coach Petersen hey they were a great team and deserved to win thats it.

Reporter what do you have to say to every one who says you cant compete with the big boys and your one dimensional?
Coach Petersen we havent passed the ball because we really havent needed to, and we just competed with GT who is a top 10 team so thats that.

Reporter How does the cuse look.
Coach Peterseen no disrespect but they are the worst team in the big east, the record speeks for itself.

Reporter If you and Cincy win out the lasty week is basically the big east championship any predictions?
Coach Petersen Im not to good with predictions as you already may know. It will be a really good game and they are a tremendous team.

Reporter What would it mean for you to spoil your rivals national championship hopes?
Coach Petersen just another win.

Reporter Are you excited to have Jesse Wallace Commit?
Coach Petersen Well yes he will end up being a 4 year starter he is a freak. im absolutely static that hes coming to Pitt.

Coach Petersen see yall next week. GO PITT!
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PostSubject: Re: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   Sun 20 Dec 2009, 4:58 pm

Coach Petersen Golden Tate who? Jimmy Clausen who?

Reporter Coach how did you manage to hold the irish under 100 yards passing?
Coach Petersen Great pass rush, Great coverage, and when they would get the ball across the middle wed light them up and theyd drop the ball.

Reporter Bye next week,then wvu. how does west Virgina look.
Coach Petersen Noel Divine is a freak athlete hell be hard to stop but we can do it our linebackers are really good this year.

Reporter How has tony Dorsett Jr progressed so far this year.
Coach Petersen Very well he will be a key part to our offense next year that will be powerd high.

ReporterAre you ready for next year?
Coach Petersen Dude the season isnt even over.

Reporter Should Dion Lewis win he heisman?
Coach Petersen yes hes the best player in the nation, but i dont know if they willl give it to him due to the fact that hes a freshmen.

Reporter with all the young talent you have and the great recruiting class coming in how good can you guys be?
Coach Petersen we can be scary good, national championship good if we keep working.

Reporter whos your national championship predictions?
Coach Petersen Iowa vs stanford. iowa wins

Reporter What bowl do you expect to be in?
Coach Petersen Orange Bowl i expect to win the big east.

Reporter how much will you empahasize these last two games?
Coach Petersen We are going to treat them as any other games even tough these next three weeks will decide who will win 1st 2nd and 3rd in the big east.

Reporter If you loose to ciny and beat wvu can u still go to a bcs?
Coach Petersen Yes porbably an at large, ok guys see ya
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PostSubject: Re: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   Wed 23 Dec 2009, 1:06 pm

Coach Petersenjust go ahead and rip me just go ahead.

Reporter coach Before we start i just wanted to say congrats on an excellent season.
Caoch PetersenThanks i really appreciate that.

Reporter Coach what do you have o say about your team this year.
Coach Petersen this team has been one of my absolute favorites to coach, not because there good but because there personality, their heart what can i say i love these kids, they will always be i my heart.

Reporter What do you have to say about Lewis this year.
Coach Petersen Hes the best player i have ever coached not just skills but the way he uses the gifts that god gave him. He is the nicest kid in the world and wont ever quite thats what i love about him, oh yeah hes also the best player in college football.

Reporter what bowl do you predict you will end up in?
Coach Petersen a bcs i hope but we cant conrol that ill take any bowl that i think we deserve.

Reporter what bowl do you deserve?
Coach Petersen deserev the national championship because our kids try harder than every one but we have 2 losses so we dont. but we deserve a bcs we lost to two bcs teams by a combined score of 14. but hey illjust wait for the voters to decide.

Reporter how much does this loss hurt?
Coach Petersen in All of my years in coaching this one hurt the most because our kids wanted this more than anything else in the worl and to come up so short, its gut wrenching.

Coach Petersen hey guys im out and i just want to congragulate coach Clev on a great year and you know well be cheering you on in the national championship.
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PostSubject: Re: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   Thu 24 Dec 2009, 2:56 pm

REPORTER Tommorow you and your kids will take the field and Play in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, are you at all nervous?
Coach Petersen Yes i am its my first bowl game as a head coach and it happens to be in the sugar bowl against a great team.

Reporter Going into the year did you expect to be in the sugar Bowl/
Coach Petersen i thaught wed end up in the orange Bowl but this is fantatic also.

Reporter How do you plan on stopping heimen nominee Dexter Mccluster?
Coach Petersen You cant stop him, great players are going to play great you just have to respond with great things of your own and hope to somewhat contain Dexter.

Reporter How good are the rebels?
Coach Petersen well obviously you have to be pretty darn good to win the SEC and play in the sugar Bowl am i right?

Reporter How deserving of the Heimen was Dion Lewis?
Coach Petersen He was the most deserving person on the planet he works harder than any other player in the country and it showed.

Reporter What would winning the sugar bowl mean for this university?
Coach Petersen It means that we are close to being wear we want to but we still have along way to go.

Caoch Petersen thanks for you time ill talk to yall after the game

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PostSubject: Re: The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play   

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The University Of Pittsburgh Where Champions Play
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