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 2019 Georgia Bulldog Recruiting Insider

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PostSubject: 2019 Georgia Bulldog Recruiting Insider   Thu 03 Jun 2010, 3:36 am

Through week nine of the 2019 regular season, the Bulldogs have hauled in currently the countries third best recruiting class and have inked six players to attend UGA next fall.

Demetrius Clayton, WR
6'3" 195 .lbs Adamsville, Alabama
5***** #1 Ranked WR

Clayton, the nations best receiving prospect will give the Bulldogs everything you want out of the receiver position. Size, strength, quickness and an allaround approach at catching the ball kids at this stage of development don't have. While no one facet of his game stands out above the other, Clayton's equally as dangerous with the ball in his hands as he is at catching it over the middle and dishing out punishment as opposed to receiving it. He's a very physical wideout who plays four hard quarters and fits the current forte of the receiving corps in Athens.

"I know UGA has a good thing going on right now with a young quarterback in a pass heavy offence. I want to be able to help Joe Gonzales and I'll do whatever it takes to get on the field. I can play defense, but I insist a coach let's me show him I can play receiver...."

Devin Sellers, CB
5'10" 173 .lbs Coconut Creek, Florida
5***** #1 Ranked CB

Sellers, has impressed scouts across the country week in week out and he's played in some big games in his career. Actively pursuing the state of Florida's All-State cornerback award, Sellers is no stranger to big game situations or being asked to shut down some prime time receivers. Sellers is outstanding in coverage and his 4.42 wheels help him react quickly and be a force defensively. He's a surefire candidate for not only early playing time but also to return almost any interception to the house.

"I'm very competitive. I'm very fundamentally sound. I've dreamt of playing college ball my entire life, especially in the SEC. I considered Florida State but I hate the Gators. I can't wait to shut down their best receivers. I will make sure what happened this year in the Florida/UGA game never happens again. I can't wait to be a Bulldog,"

Cortez Lewis, G
6'3" 317 .lbs Douglas, Georgia
5***** #1 Ranked G

Lewis was among the elite players out of high school actively pursued by the better college programs of the NCAA. Lewis, opted to stay in Georgia early after offers from North Carolina, Ohio State, LSU and Alabama. The nations top offensive line prospect, Lewis has amazing strength and is incredibly strong in the running game. He's his teams offensive captain and his entire football career, he's been the guy his team looks at to lead the way, literally. Lewis has unlimited potential and wouldn't hurt the Bulldogs by any means if he started day one. With both offensive line starters returning, Lewis would only redshirt to take advantage of his full eligibility.

"I live in the weight room, study in the film room and bleed on the football field. I love football and I love to make big blocks. If you give me a running back who knows how to hit holes, he's going to get a lot of touchdowns behind me,"

Patrick Lester, FS
5'11" 208 .lbs Adamsville, Alabama
5***** #1 Ranked FS

Coach Macc pulled the rabit out of the hat inking Lester. A strong FSU commitment was broken up after a good long conversation with the UGA HC and Lester changed his commitment to become a Bulldog next year. With All American Corey Martin leaving after his senior year, Lester may get starting experience immeidately. Lester will remind BulldogNation of a Jake Jackson type player with the speed and ability to make plays in all sorts of ways defensively. Lester plays on the same Minor Academy team as WR Demetrius Clayton, UGA's first commitment and they're pursuing the schools tenth straight state title.

"I can't wait to be the next big safety that plays for Coach Macc. What attracted me to Gerogia was their recent safety heritage/alumni and all the attention they get and also my teammate, Demetrius Clayton's early commitment. I know I can be a player of that calibre. I make plays in all kinds of ways on the field. I've also got great hands for a safety,"

Brendan Rouse, G
5'11" 308 .lbs Willmar, Minnesota
4**** #5 Ranked G

Rouse is a very underrated, solid all around offensive linemen who will undoubtedly see a few years of starting experience based on his all around skills and ability to play the position so well. Rouse is a veyr short, stalky, bear of a man with brute strength in the weight room and on the field. He'll never be taken backwards on pass or run block, the best a defender could hope for is a stand still. Rouse is a very dedicated athlete and has made some big blocks for his Willmar High team and putting them in national spotlight.

Derrick Chandler, T
6'7" 300 .lbs Doraville, Georgia
4**** #2 Ranked T

Coach Macc added to his offensive line yet again inking Derrick Chandler, keeping one of the best Georgia High School players in the state. A tackle whose extremely reliable on the left edge, Chandler's strongest skill right now is in pass block. In drills he'll never be driven backwards but he's shown capabilities of not being able to keep up with the best speed rushers, so he'll have his work cut out for him but Chandler is easily dependant enough to play even as early as next year. Chandler's a natural left tackle and the only way upperclassmen would get PT over him is if Coach Macc elected to make a position change and take either current juniours out of their natural position.

Coach Macc has also stated they are currently actively pursuing MLB, FB, DE and OLB's to fill some voids seniors this season will leave the team with.

Coach Macc

Overall Record 100-15
Bowl Record 5-3
Fiesta Bowl (2010) Rose Bowl (2015) Orange Bowl x3 (2012, 2013, 2017)
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Posts : 3230
Join date : 2009-10-09
Age : 29
Location : Windsor, Ontario

PostSubject: Re: 2019 Georgia Bulldog Recruiting Insider   Tue 08 Jun 2010, 4:01 am

Cortez Lews #1 Ranked OG ***** Douglas, Georgia
Devin Sellers #1 Ranked CB ***** Coconut Creek, Florida
Demetrius Clayton #1 Ranked WR ***** Adamsville, Alabama
Patrick Lester #1 Ranked FS ***** Adamsville, Alabama
Brendan Rouse #5 Ranked OG **** Willmar, Minnesota
Derrick Chandler #2 Ranked OT **** Doraville, Georgia
Eric Seward #6 Ranked DE **** Macon, Georgia
Charles Frazier #11 Ranked OLB **** Fort Stewart, Georgia
Cary Black #16 Ranked CB **** Toccoa, Georgia
Sean Hayden #9 Ranked ATH **** Winter Haven, Florida
Ryan Joseph #26 Ranked MLB *** Key Largo, Florida
Andrew Thompson #16 Ranked FB ** Miami Beach, Florida

Week 14 Recap
- With week 14 in the books and the majority of the inseason recruiting completed, Coach Macc and the Bulldog Nation now have twelve solid commitments in what is recognized as's #4th best class.

- This years recruiting theme? STAY IN GEORGIA! Many, many big playmakers that have come out of high school in the pipeline state Macc has coached, have slipped under the radar or just not made his teams list. This year, the influx in talent in the southern reigon really influenced Macc's recruits and he went with nearly half Down South Georgia Boys. Cortez Lewis, Derrick Chandler, Eric Seward all have the capabilities to play in Macc's system early while players like Cary Black and Charles Frazier currently possess the athletic ability to be terrific Bulldogs, once their on field awareness is improved.

- Despite only being the 4th best ranked class currently, Macc's filled some questionable voids they'll have at the end of the season - and with players who have the ability to play immediately. Macc's class contains a nations best 3 of the top 7 prospects and 4 of the top 10... all as hard commitments.

- In a year with a lot of young talent and very few positions of NEED, this years class allowed Macc some time to just make the team better. He went out and loaded up on big, hefty, strong offensive linemen whom all would have the ability to be four year starters on ANY other SEC team. He's also added some depth on defensive line with Eric Seward among Junior College's elite defensive line prospects.

Eric Seward, DE JUCO
6'1 243 .lbs Macon, Georgia
4**** #6 Ranked DE

Seward is a beast coming off the egde and his junior college experience in a solid Atlanta-Decatur JuCo program will keep him a step above all the new recruits. Coach Macc was intent on signing this kid when he was a high school player but he wasn't academically eligible. Seward's almost been a lock on the Bulldogs because Macc's continued to show interest despite alot of players losing their opportunity at a big school when they don't make the rgades. Seward can push you backwards or just flat on your back or use the jets to get around you and make plays in the backfield like a linebacker. He'll remind you of current Dawg LE, Thomas Britton.

"UGA All Day. I can't wait to punish ball carriers and play in the SEC. I'll be a force out there, I'm a ticking time bomb who was patiently waiting for his opportunity. I'm a three-down lineman who can help against the run, but excels in pass rush. QBs better watch out,"

Charles Frazier, OLB
6'2 209 .lbs Fort Stewart, Georgia
4**** #11 Ranked OLB

Charles Frazier possesses all the athletic ability, physicality and has demonstrated all essential skills to be a great college level linebacker. He takes nearly perfect angles when tackling and will never shy away from making a play. Very athletic for a strong linebacker he's the type who quietly makes plays and controls his part of the field. Good, solid, dedicated athlete whose consistently trying to get better.

"Notre Dame and Georgia Tech wanted me... the UGA/GT rivalry was interesting but ultimately I see myself having the best college career I can get with the opportunity Coach Macc's given me. He's a great linebacker coach whose produced some of the NFLs best young LBs. I can't wait to play in his program,"

Cary Black, CB
5'11 168 .lbs Toccoa, Georgia
4**** #16 Ranked CB

Cary Black has consistently, time and time again proved to college level scouts that he is by far the fastest player in this seasons recruiting class. Black's 4.30 40 speed have dropped jaws everywhere, but Black elected to stay home after Coach Macc planted the UGA seed in his recruiting process early. While Black may not possess the fundamentals or know-how to shut down some of the games best receivers, he certainly has all the athleticism you could possibly hope for. And in a defensive back family like the Bulldogs year in year out, Black has the opportunity to shine immediately as the teams nickle or dime back. Keeping Black off the field isn't an option because he runs like the wind and his speed allows him to make up for potential mistakes his knowledge of coverage would have otherwise failed him. Terrific athlete and a steal for the Dawgs.

Coach Macc

Overall Record 100-15
Bowl Record 5-3
Fiesta Bowl (2010) Rose Bowl (2015) Orange Bowl x3 (2012, 2013, 2017)
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2019 Georgia Bulldog Recruiting Insider
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